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Kloster Zigou
Zigou Abbey is located in Ouranoupoli, abstaining 2.5 km from the center of the settlement and only 40m from Mount Athos’ borders. The very first references for the abbey come from a document, dating on 942, which firtsly determines the boundaries that was located and informing us that it was dedicated to Prophet Elias as well. In 1206 a Frank sovereign was settled in the abbey, using it as a fort, and planning his attacks, plundering Mount Athos with his soldiers. That was continuing till 1211, when by the Pope’s intevention, he was exiled from the area. Nowadays, the excavations are being continued in the interior part of the abbey with ceaseless paces. Important small findings have come into the light such as three lead bulls (11th century), book-locks, copper needles and thimbles, coins, knifes, ceramic and glass vessels (11th-12th century), figuration of St. Paraskevi, a pectoral cross with figuration of Archangel, various stamps, and lots of glass inlays from a glass mosaic. Most of the findings are already exhibited at the Museum in the Tower Prosforiou of Ouranoupoli.