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Monastery Dochiariou

Thirty meters above sea level and between the abbeys of Xenophontos and Constamonetou, lies the peculiar abbey of Dohiariou, built at the foot of a wooded slope. This is a Greek abbey and it celebrates the memory of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel on the 8th of November.

It was built by monk Efthymios who was a storehousekeeper (Dohiaris) at Lavra during the 11th century. Also mentioned is the name of Patrikios Nicolaos who became monk under the name Neophytos. It seems that he was a nephew of Efthymios. The abbey received many benefits from the emperor Michael the 7th the Ducas (1071-1078), and his mother Evdocea. In the beginning the abbey was built somewhere around Dafne but later was rebuilt by the same founder at the same place where it is situated today. At the second ritual of Aghion Oros the abbey comes in the 10th place among the 180 abbeys which existed then, while at the third ritual it comes in the 11th place among the 25. Later the monks deserted the abbey because of the pirates, but it was rebuilt in 1578, by priest George from Adrianopoles and it was renovated by Moldavia’s king Alexander and his wife Roxane. At the same time also, the main temple was built, and it was decorated with excellent wallpaintings of the Cretan movement. The ex-metropolitan of Moldavia Theophanes- who was retired from his duties and became monk in this abbey – is burried here. In the 17th and 18th centuries new wings were added and a belfry was built. The noteworthy reredos and the excellent sculptured box of wood in the altar were made during 1783.

Nowadays, the abbey has ten chapels, and several chapels, and several of them have well wallpaintings. The altar was built by Ahrida’s archbishop Prochoro and was decorated with wallpaintings in 1700. The library, which is located on the second floor of the tower, contains 441 handwritten codes and about 2.000 prints. Sixty-five of the codes are on parchment.

At the abbey we also find the sanctification of the Archangels Michael and Gabriel. Among its treasures we an see the icon of Gorgoepicoou, wood from the Holy Cross, portable icons, objects of worship, sacerdotal vestments, relics of 45 saints an others.