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Φωτογραφίες Μονής

Monastery Pandokratoros

This abbey has been built thirty meters above sea level, on a rugged stormbeaten and sundrenched rock next to the sea. You can go to the abbey by four different ways. From the Vatopedi abbey it takes two hours and a half going on foot or one hour going by sea. From Karies takes an hour and a half while from the Stavronikita monastery abbey it takes only an hour. Anyhow, all four ways have their own excitement. As soon as you get there, you come face to face with a collection of towers, domes, belfries, and cells. This is the Pantokratora abbey. It was built in the middle of the 14th century by two brothers, Alex and John. They were both involved in high rank military positions ay their time and both became monks and died in his abbey, as their will and their mausoleum in the main temple reveals. In 1393, the abbey was burned but was rebuilt with the help of Patriarch Anthony and the emperor Manuel Paleologos. At the beginning of the 15th century or at the end of the 14th, the abbeys of Saint Dimitrios, Afxentiou, Sotiros, Phalakrou and Ravdouhu were annexed to the Pantokratora abbey. Unfortunately, in 1950, the northeastern wing of the monastery was destroyed but it was rebuilt with the help of the Fathers of the Church.

The library contains 317 manuscripts, 68 of which are on parchment (11th-14th century), and the 185 are made of paper. It also contains 4.000 printed matters and a noteworthy collection of Greek stamps.

Among the abbey’s treasures, we should mention a gospel (0,17x0,12) written on a white, this membrane with miniatures which were possibly painted by John Kalybite, a piece from the shiled of St. Mercurius, the piece of wood from the Holy Cross, the relics of several saints, sacerdotal vestments, e.t.c.