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Ancient Sanctuary in Ouranoupoli Halkidiki
The ancient temple is located near the Nea Roda, the path to the Ierissos. There is a plaque with the words "Sacred to ancient Ouranoupoli. The Sanctuary has a shelf life of the Archaic to the Hellenistic era and its history is connected with 2 ancient cities, the Sani, a colony of men and Ouranoupolis founded in 315 BC by Alexarhos, brother of King Cassander of Macedonia. In the late 6th century BC Alexander and the inhabitants of the Sani temple built outside the city walls. When Alexarhos founded Ouranoupoli membership in the new sanctuary city. During excavations in the Sanctuary found significant findings as the center stone pile with traces of burning rituals, marble heads Sun marble head girl bench built along the temple, Corinthian pottery, plates, etc. Excavations are continuing. Worth to visit and register some pictures.