Mount Athos Daphne

Daphne is the largest port of Mount Athos, where the largest number of believers arrive.

The ferryboat and speedboats coming from Ouranoupolis stop in Daphne and the faithful board the bus to Karyes or taxis in other directions.

Daphne in antiquity was the sanctuary of

Around 1044 in its place there was the monastery of Docheiariou which was destroyed by pirates and moved to its current location.

In Daphne you will find the port authority - customs - post office - police - restaurant - hotel - grocery stores and church shops.


Police Station

Tel.:23770 23222

Port Authority

Tel.:23770 23300


Tel.:23770 23269

Post Office

Τηλ.:23770 23297


Tel.:23770 23603


Tel.:23770 23295

Ticket Control Room

Tel.:23770 24100