Aristotle is considered one of the greatest philosophers of the classical era. He was born in 384 BC in Stagira of Halkidiki and his parents were Nicomachus and Phaistis. Aristotle lost his parents as a child and spent his childhood in the atarnia of Troas.Around 367 BC he settled in Athens and studied at Plato's academy where he excelled. In 342 he was invited by the king of Macedonia Philip and took over the education of Alexander the Thirteenth.

Alexander's training stopped because Philip was preparing him for the campaign against the Persians. For this reason, Aristotle returned to Athens in 335 BC and began to teach by wandering the alleys and streets of Athens, thus gathering many students, which is why his school was called the Peripatetic School.

He stood out for his unprecedented intellect and hard work. Aristotle is the founder of positivism and created the sciences of logic, psychology, rhetoric, physics and metaphysics.

Aristotle's genius, however, was not liked by many Athenian philosophers, who accused him and criticized him. Aristotle, not being able to bear the war they were waging against him, fled to his country house in Chalkida, where he later died. Self-exiled and embittered, his body was taken to his hometown of Stagira where his fellow citizens erected an altar in his honour. Aristotle wrote 33 works very important works such as economic, meteorology, rhetoric, on heaven, on the world, on physics, on the soul and many more.