Transfer to Mount Athos

Access to Mount Athos is only possible from the sea. There are two ports that serve the pilgrims, the port of Ierissos on the eastern side and the port of Ouranoupolis on the western side. The access from the port of Ouranoupolis is preferred by pilgrims because there is rarely a prohibition from the port authority, while from the port of Ierissos access is difficult due to the strong northeastern winds that blow almost daily.

The procedure that a pilgrim must follow to go to Mount Athos is relatively simple, first he must call the pilgrims' office in Thessaloniki at 2310 252575 at least 20 days before for the issuance of his Memorandum. He must also have called a Monastery, Cell, Skete to ensure his overnight stay. The Confession is issued by the Holy Diocese and guarantees 4 days stay on Mount Athos.

You will pick up the pass issued in your name from the pilgrims' office located at the entrance of Ouranoupolis next to the petrol station on the day of your entrance to Mount Athos and from 7.30 in the morning. Then you will move along the coastal road and 200 meters from the pilgrims' office you will find the ticket office and you will pick up your ticket from 8 am onwards. The boat to Mount Athos departs at 9.45 from the port in front of the Byzantine tower of Ouranoupolis. For those who want a faster access there are also speedboats from 8am to late afternoon.