Skete of Saint Anna on Mount Athos

In a true oasis with lush vegetation and abundant water is the skete of Agia Anna, 5 hours from Lavra and 1 hour from the monastery of Agios Pavlos. The skete is the oldest and the largest on the Mount. It was founded in the 16th century and today consists of about 50 cells and huts. Near the sea, the ruins of the ancient monastery of Bouleuterion can be seen.

Its monks are engaged in painting, handicrafts, small crafts and the cultivation of the land. Spiritual people, the Ayannani monks, with altruistic dispositions, like all the monks of the Mount, share their bread with the ascetics - hermits who live in the inhospitable rocks of Karouli.

The central church of the skete, Kyriakos, is dedicated to the name of Saint Anna and was built in the beginning by Patriarch Dionysios Vardalis in 1666. It was enlarged and frescoed from 1752 to 1755. The library contains three parchment codes, 200 manuscripts and 700 printed books. The well-known hymn writer monk Gerasimos Gerasimakis worked on the compilation of the library. Important hagiographic houses are considered to be those of the brothers Kartsona, the old man Ananias, etc.