Miraculous icons of the Virgin Mary on Mount Athos

Axion Esti - Karyon prototype
This miraculous icon is kept today in the sacred crypt of the primate of Karyes
Koukouzelissa - Holy Monastery of Megisti Lavra
In front of this icon, the Sabbath vigil of the Sabbath of the Untouched Hymn used to be celebrated in Lavra.
Oikonomissa - Holy Monastery of Megisti Lavra
This icon was painted in memory of the words of the Virgin Mary to the founder of Lavra, Saint Athanasius the Athonite.
Paramythia - Holy Monastery of Vatopedi
The icon is a fresco and is located in the right room of the homonymous chapel of the monastery.
Eschagmeni - Holy Monastery of Vatopedi
It is said that this icon was wounded by the knife of a wayward priest and churchwarden. The icon is placed in the narthex of the chapel of St. Demetrius.
Elavritissa - Holy Monastery of Vatopedi
It is located in the "container" (liquid storage) of the Vatopedi monastery. The icon has a wonderful fragrance and is also known as a "douche".
Shot - Holy Monastery of Vatopedi
When Mount Athos was occupied by the Turks in 1822, a soldier shot at the icon of the Virgin Mary, the bullet wounded the right hand of the Virgin, the sacrilegious man immediately went insane and hung himself on an olive tree opposite the entrance of the monastery.
Portaitissa - Holy Monastery of Iviron
It is considered a guarantee for the protection of Athonite monasticism. It is located in a chapel at the entrance of the monastery in the same area with relics of saints. On the left side in the part of the heart during the Turkish occupation it was stabbed by a Turkish warrior and blood was spilled. The Turk, surprised by the event, remained in the monastery and became alone.
Tricherousa - Holy Monastery of Hilandar
This icon is the one on which Saint John of Damascus prayed, holding his right hand, with which he wrote his speeches in favour of the holy icons and which was cut off by the Iconoclasts.
Dairy - Holy Monastery of Hilandar
This icon was donated by the fathers of the St. Sava Lavra to St. Sava, Archbishop of Serbia, during his visit there.
Myrovlitissa - Holy Monastery of Dionysios
According to an inscription on a silver plate on the back of the icon, it was donated by the Emperor Alexios Komnenos to the monastery's founder, St. Dionysius. The chanting of the hymn was sung for the first time in front of this icon. Today it is kept in a chapel where greetings are read daily.
Awesome Protection - Holy Monastery of Kutlumousiou
This icon of the Virgin Mary was the only object that survived a great fire in the monastery's monastery in Crete.
Elder - Holy Monastery of Pantokrator - Holy Monastery of Pantokrator
It is located in the catholic of the monastery and the Virgin Mary is represented in an upright prayer pose without Christ.
Foreshadowing or of the Incorruptible - Holy Monastery of Zografou
During the time of Michael Palaiologos, this icon foretold to the elders of the monastery the invasion of Latinofroni with the aim of its subjugation. At the time they were reciting the hymn.
Epakousa - Holy Monastery of Zografou
It is located on the sacred platform of the catholic of the monastery. It was prayed to in the temple by Saint Cosmas the Painter and the Virgin Mary answered him by showing him the way to leave the monastery and lead a contemplative life.
Gorgoepikoos - Holy Monastery of Docheiariou
This miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary is located outside the bank on the eastern wall and to the right of the entrance. The chapel is located there. She is known for her many miracles. According to tradition, a monk used to walk past her with lighted torches. Then he heard a voice saying "put out the torches because you are smoking me". He disobeyed then the Virgin punished him by losing his light. After many prayers the Virgin forgave him and gave him his light again.
Glykofilousa - Holy Monastery of Filotheos
It is one of the icons that survived from iconoclasm. It belonged to Victoria who was a woman iconoclast. Victoria, in order not to hand it over, threw it into the sea and so it swam to the arsana of the Philotheos monastery. The icon has two sides with the crucifixion on the back and is located in the monastery's catholic.
Myrovlitissa - Holy Monastery of Saint Paul
The icon in the earlier years was in a monastery in Constantinople called Myrelion. It was brought to Mount Athos by St. Paul the Dryad and dedicated to the monastery. The icon, by the grace of God, once began to spray myrrh and was thus named Myroblytissa.
Hodegetria - Holy Monastery of Xenophontos
This icon was in the monastery of Vatopedi and while it was locked in the temple it suddenly left its place and was found in the monastery of Xenophontos. Then the fathers put it back in its original place but it left again. Since then she has been in the catholic of the monastery of Xenophontos
Paleologina - Holy Monastery of Gregory
The icon of the Virgin Mary is characterized by a sweet yet mournful style, while holding Christ. During a great fire in 1762, when the monastery's catholic church burned down, the icon was found on the ashes unharmed.
Antiphoness - Holy Monastery Kostamonitou
Another icon of the Virgin Mary who is shown holding Christ in her right hand. It is located in the catholic of the monastery and is known for its many miracles.
Stepsister - Holy Monastery of Vatopedi
When the Arabs raided the monastery, the curator of the holy step, called vimaris, hid the icon in a well along with a cross and many other objects, displaying a lighted candle in front of him. The monastery was looted and the monks were taken to Crete. After 70 years the priest was released, he then returned to the monastery, opened the well and found the image of the Virgin Mary standing with the cross on the water and the candle still lit.