Ancient Ouranoupoli

The ancient sanctuary is located in the area of Nea Roda, on the road leading to Ierissos. There is a sign with the indication "to Sanctuary of Ancient Ouranoupolis". The Sanctuary has a lifespan from the Archaic to the Hellenistic period and its history is connected to 2 ancient cities, Sani, a colony of the Andrians and Ouranoupolis founded in 315 BC by Alexander, brother of the King of Macedonia Cassander.

At the end of the 6th century BC Alexander and the inhabitants of Sani built the Sanctuary outside the city walls. Όταν ο Αλέξαρχος ίδρυσε την Ουρανούπολη ένταξε το Ιερό στην νέα πόλη. During the excavations in the Sanctuary important findings were found such as in the center of the Sanctuary, a lithoscope with traces of burning from rituals, marble heads of Sun, marble head of a girl, a built desk along the Temple, Corinthian clay, tablets, etc.

The excavations continue. It is worth visiting and taking some photos.