New Skete of Mount Athos

Built in a smooth location, near the sea, Nea Skiti was inhabited in 1760 and belongs to the monastery of Agios Pavlos. It consists of about 37 cells and huts and the 60 or so monks are engaged in hagiography, goldsmithing, music, sacred woodcarving and land cultivation. In the library of Kyriakos there are 20 manuscript codes, 500 printed books, vestments, crosses, relics of saints, etc. Important hagiographic houses of the skete are considered to be those of Cyril, Abraham, Chaldeans, Elder Varlaam (Rofoi), etc. Responsible for the hospitality of visitors and cleanliness is the Dikaios, who is elected every year, corresponds on the common affairs of the monks and looks after the maintenance, decorum and function of the Kyriakos, where mass is celebrated every Sunday.

Finally, the artist monk Callistos, whose works are distinguished for their breath and realism, practiced in the skete.