The rosary

According to tradition, the rosary was first made by Hosios Pachomios to serve the needs of the monks for concentration and prayer.

In 320 A.D. Hosios Pachomios founded the first monastery in Thebaid of Egypt with the help of Saint Anthony and there, seeking a way to help the monks in the concentration of prayer, he was visited in his sleep by the Archangel Gabriel and showed him how to make the tool that would serve the needs of prayer.

This tool was the rosary.

The rosary is used by spiritual fathers and more so by monks, each knot is passed between the fingers of the praying person who constantly says various prayers such as Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on me. The rosary is made of wool and is black in color to symbolize the mourning of sins.

There are rosaries that are worn either on the wrist or even smaller ones that are worn on the fingers. The rosary is made to pray and is not something decorative like the bracelet and ring, it is also used not only by monks but also by lay people and in general by every praying soul.