Mount Athos Monastery

In order to visit Mount Athos, a permit must have been previously issued in your name.

For the issuance of the permit you have to follow the following procedure, first you have to call about a month ago at the pilgrims' office in Thessaloniki, which is located at 109 Egnatia Street, and has a telephone number 2310-252575 and a fax number 2310-222424.

You must then inform the responsible official of the date you wish to enter Mount Athos after you have called the Holy Monasteries and secured your overnight stay.

The next step to follow is to call the ticket office in Ouranoupolis and book a seat on the boat for the date you want at 23770-71149, or 23770-71041, and fax 23770-71016.

You will receive the pass that will be issued in your name from the pilgrims' office in Ouranoupolis on the day you enter Mount Athos and its duration is for 4 days.

The pilgrims' office is located at the entrance of Ouranoupolis next to the petrol station and its telephone number is 23770-71422.

The office is open from 7.30 in the morning and to pick up your pass you need your identity card and the amount of 20 euros, after picking up your pass you will then arrange to pick up your ticket for the boat from the office located near the Tower of Ouranoupolis.

In case there is no boat to enter Mount Athos due to sea turbulence, the same permit is valid for the next day and cannot be cancelled.

All Greek citizens as well as foreigners have the right to be issued with a permit.

The boat departs daily at 9.45 in the morning and arrives at the port of Daphne around 12 noon, from there you can take a bus to the capital of Mount Athos, Karyes.

In Karyes there are restaurants and a hotel, those who wish to visit various monasteries, sketes or cells can charter minibuses or jeep taxis. For any information you want or questions you have, call at all hours at 6974-953878 or 23770-71544 at the hotel "Panorama" in Ouranoupolis. Those who have been deported and due to some praiseworthy deeds are not allowed to enter Mount Athos and are not wanted by the Holy Community. Also on Mount Athos, the entry of women is forbidden, as is universally known by the so-called "sanctuary". Visitors must be modestly dressed and not carry video cameras. Persons under the age of 18 without an escort are not allowed to enter, as well as hunting and possession of weapons.