Karyes Mount Athos

Karyes is the capital of Mount Athos from the 10th century onwards. Today it has a population of around 260 people and is located at an altitude of 233 metres. Karyes, as confirmed by a silhouette of Emperor Leo VI the Wise, was located near the Xerxes Canal. Its ancient name was 'Mesi' because it is located in the middle of the peninsula.

The 19 of the 20 monasteries of Mount Athos, except for Moni Koutloumousiou which is 5 minutes away from Karyes, have their own representatives and live in buildings called konakia. The representatives meet whenever necessary to solve problems concerning Mount Athos.

At a distance of 5 minutes from Karyes is the skete of Agios Andreas.

The most important building in Karyes is the Church of the Primate, which is dedicated to the Dormition of the Virgin Mary and is the oldest on Mount Athos.

In Karyes there are the buildings of the administrative office, the post office, the medical clinic, the police, the fire brigade, the telephone company OTE, as well as various shops with church goods, bakeries, pharmacy, restaurants, hotel, bank, bookshop, taxi agency. Finally, in Karyes there is a church high school of Athoniandos school.