Easter in Mount Athos

Easter on Mount Athos is celebrated in conditions of great devotion. Those who visit Mount Athos to celebrate Easter will experience something special, something unique, far from worldliness and fireworks, with overnight services that stir the souls of the faithful.

The Resurrection Service begins around 2 o'clock after midnight and ends with the dawn. During the service the bells of the monasteries ring joyfully. At the end of the service, monks and faithful gather at the altar for the Easter table, which consists only of fish soup and fish. Around 12 to 1 pm, the Vespers of Love is celebrated with the bells ringing non-stop.

The Easter celebrations culminate on Monday with the procession of the miraculous icon of Axion Esti in Karyes. After the end of the Divine Liturgy in the Holy Church of Protiatos, the procession of the icon is followed by large crosses, the leadership of the Athonite state, seculars, monks and hundreds of pilgrims. The procession lasts around 5 hours and 30 minutes with the bells ringing joyfully.