The map of Mount Athos

The Tower of Prosforion is located in Ouranoupolis next to the picturesque harbour where the ferryboats start to Mount Athos. A trademark of Ouranoupolis is the Tower of Prosforion, to which it owed its name in the past.

We know from documents that it was built before 1344 and was a part of the Monastery of Vatopedi, which owned the entire surrounding area from 1018 until the Asia Minor disaster, when the land was distributed to the refugees.

The refugees who settled in the round region with the population exchange in 1924 faced many difficulties.

In 1928 a couple of English and Australian origin, Sidney and Joyce Lock, settled in the tower as members of humanitarian organisations. Their contribution to the life of the place was very significant.

Joyce Lock showed the women of the village how to weave handmade rugs from yiddish hair in designs made by her husband copying ayurvedic and oriental motifs.

For more than 50 years they offered great social work to the inhabitants of Ouranoupolis, wrote books and took care of the Tower.

Today you can visit the Tower of Prosforion and admire many findings of antiquity from the areas of Athos, Ierissos, Varvara, Megali Panagia, Paleochori, Sidirokavsia and the Monastery of Zygos.